How Important Is Carpet Padding?

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What Padding Does For You We Recommend Rebond Pad
Helps Insulate Your Home Rebond is the Most Economical
Cuts Down on Noise Pollution Rebond is the Most Durable
Keeps Carpet Looking Newer Longer Rebond is the Longest Lasting
Validates Your Carpet Warranties Rebond Uses Recycled Virgin Material
Makes Your Carpet Feel Luxurious Rebond is Non Allergenic
  Rebond Does Not Need Chemicals to Be Installed
  Rebond Meets Requirements for Indoor Air Quality

Padding Offers More Than Just Comfort


Padding is a very important part of your carpet installation. Padding contributes a number of positive elements

  • Padding helps insulate your home. The thicker and more dense the pad the better the insulation. Depending on the density the pad contributes and R value rating of 1.66 to 2.50. Increasing your pad density for a cost of just an extra $.50 to $1.00 per square yard could save you hundreds of dollars in utility bills.
  • Noise levels are greatly reduced by dense padding
  • The performance of your carpet is significantly extended by carpet padding. Carpet will look better up to 30% longer by using the proper padding.
  • Padding Greatly improves the feel of your new carpet. The more dense and thicker the pad, the more luxurious the feel.


Netting is applied to all of our padding. Regardless of where you by your pad, make sure that it has netting protection. Netting protection offers several key benefits.

  • Increases strength by up to 50%
  • Eases cutting. Netting pad cuts straighter and easier for you installer
  • Improves slip surface. Carpet glides smoothly over padding reinforced with netting
  • Netting increases the foot comfort and gives more support to the carpet. Netting increases the apparent density of carpet by 15% to 20%.
  • Padding with netting stays square and reduces elongation and stretching of the pad while under the carpet this reduces the need for the installer to visit the home later to re - stretch your carpet.