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Vinyl flooring has long been the most popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and foyers. With today’s technology, vinyl flooring can be more durable than ever! Some things to consider when purchasing a new vinyl floor is the area in which the vinyl floor will be installed. Is the area prone to standing water? Is the area heavily traveled? Are their heavy pieces of furniture? Is there an existing vinyl floor?

If the area which is being installed is prone to water, whether the moisture seeps from underneath the floor, or spillage from a shower or sink, the vinyl you purchase should have a mildew resistant backing. This will insure that your floor will not stain in the event of moisture.

If the area where your new floor will be installed is in a high traffic area, be sure to tell your sales representative to point you in the direction of a more durable, heavier vinyl. By choosing a better quality vinyl, your chances will also increase of finding a floor with scuff-mark resistance and a warranty that will cover furniture indentations.

If you have an existing vinyl floor and would like to install your new floor over it, there is a vinyl flooring specifically designed for that purpose. A perimeter glue down floor is meant to be floated over an existing floor, and the adhesive is applied around the perimeter of the room, and after installation the new floor shrinks to a tight fit. A perimeter glue down floor can be more expensive, but may save you a lot of time or money taking up the existing floor and preparing it correctly.